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Business Growth Strategy

Business Growth Strategy

Today’s business growth includes acquisitions, mergers, franchising, market expansion, capital investments, international/global sales, diversification, and/or new product design and development.  In addition, businesses prefer to grow rapidly, while many others prefer to grow incrementally, whereas some prefer to maintain their current position within their established market.  Regardless, no two businesses are the same and each requires a customized growth strategy.  Business owners should be asking themselves “How do I want to grow my business and by How much?  What resources do I need to grow or expand? And, “How do I know if my growth plans and decisions have been successful or not?” 

Our approach is to intimately know your business in order to understand what constitutes its value.  We work closely with you to analyze your operations, organizational structure, products and/or services, business plans, market strategies, competition, risks, performance measures, and historical financial data.  Our in-depth knowledge of your business will enable us to assist you in customizing your Business Growth Strategy to your specific growth needs and requirements.

Our Business Growth Strategy is a plan of action or formalized roadmap to achieve the company’s direction, vision, and growth goals and objectives.  The Business Growth Strategy also helps business owners to address and answer the following four fundamental questions:

  1. “Where are we now?”
    1. Mission statement
    2. Values statement
    3. Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)

  1. “Where are we going?”
    1. Vision Statement
    2. Sustainable competitive advantage

  1. “How will we get there?”
    1. Strategy
    2. Long-term strategic objectives
    3. Short-term goals/priorities/initiatives
    4. Action items
    5. Implementation & Execution

  1. “How will we measure our Progress and Success?”
    1. Business Scorecard and Performance Measurements
    2. Monthly/Quarterly Reviews
    3. Financial Assessment
    4. Strategic Growth Valuation

Our Business Growth Strategy helps you to capitalize on your strengths and opportunities while mitigating the company’s weaknesses and threats; connects your mission to your vision; and addresses the above fundamental questions into one cohesive Growth Strategy that is embedded as part of your organizational business processes and culture.

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