Our Business Is Growing Yours

Queen City Consulting LLC
Burlington, Vermont


We Specialize in Strategic Business Growth Ideas for:

  • Business Start-Ups
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Strategic Growth Valuations
  • Proprietary & Partnership Transition Plans
  • Business Merger & Acquisition Integration Plans (Pre & Post-Closure)

Who We Are

As a new Vermont Strategic Growth Consulting company; we know the challenges, dedication, and resources it takes to grow and expand your business.  We Help Businesses Grow.  And that’s why we specialize in innovative and creative solutions and ideas to help Vermont Companies succeed to the Next-Level of the business Lifecycle. 


If your business grows, the local economy also grows.  And this is our purpose and mission!

Our Services

Whether you’re a new start-up company, entrepreneurship, family-owned, partnership, LLC, small or medium sized company, or large corporation; Queen City Consulting provides an array of Customized Services to help your company grow and succeed to the Next-Level.  Today’s business growth includes acquisitions, franchising, market expansion, capital investments, international/global sales, and/or new product design and development. 

Our Goal

To provide high quality products and services (at economical rates) tailored to meet your specific business growth needs.

Our Products, Services, and Prices